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    Livestock Insurance

    An insurance policy having coverages for losses and damages due to the death or injuries of livestock. Pakistan is an agricultural country more than 50% of population are resides on farming and our economy is based on it which is directly or indirectly linked with livestock. For the protection of one’s livelihood livestock insurance companies in Pakistan provide their services.

    The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited main aim is to serve with the best.

    Risk Covered

    United Insurance provide suitable coverage plans for the livestock insurance. These coverages are as following:

    Financial protection against mortality, theft & disability of the insured animals including the risk of calving.

    Importance of Livestock Industry

    • Contributes approximately 11.39% to National GDP.
    • Provides important dietary products like milk, meat and processed dairy items.
    • Provides hides and skins for the leather industry.
    • Has the potential of repaid growth and fast economic returns.


    • Proper awareness & care of livestock.
    • Financial assistance in case of death of livestock.
    • Increase in profit due to healthy livestock.
    • Proper guidance & supports in case of livestock’s sickness.
    • Provision & use of modern method of care taking of livestock.


    Mandatory for all farmers receiving livestock loan from the bank.

    Livestock Covered

    All livestock for which the bank is advancing loan to its borrowers.

    Perils Covered

    Mortality due to natural perils, fire, theft, poisoning, diseases and risk of calving.


    The comprehensive coverage is extended upto 80% indemnity .i.e insured shall bear 20% of loss and cost of skin of dead animal.

    Claim Settlement

    • Intimation letter in writing within 24 to 48 hours.
    • Claim form.
    • Attested photocopy of NIC card of Owner/Borrower.
    • Veterinary certificate.
    • Postmortem examination report.
    • VA will take 4 photographs clarifying the tag number & cut the tag.
    • The skin amount will be deducted from the claim as per policy terms & conditions. Animal skin will not be removed in case of deceases like anthrax.

    The borrower should take the following steps:

    1. 4 photographs clearly showing the tag number & cut the tag.
    2. The dead animal may be deeply buried.
    3. The cost will be reimbursed to the insured.
    • All claims are filed on a simple easy to fill Performa by the employee duly endorsed by the employer or nominee.
    • Original prescription bills, receipt etc should be attached.
    • Direct settlement of claims with panel hospital.
    • All claims should be filed within four (4) weeks.


    • Mandatory for all livestock advances.
    • The Bank will provide all possible details on specified proposal form along with Demand Draft to the Insurance Company.
    • The Bank Manager is required to issue undertaking incase of delay in payment of Premium for New/Renewal cases.
    • The Bank Manager may take signature of the borrower on respective Iqrar Nama on disbursement of loan.
    • Acceptance letter.
    • Loss voucher.
    • Claim form.
    • Surveyor’s assessment report.
    • Any other relevant documents.

    After receiving the above documents from the bank & surveyor, the company will issue the claim cheque within 30 days.

    Issuance of Policy / Proposal Form

    The Insurance Company will issue policy subject to:

    • Receipt of complete information.
    • Payment of premium.
    • VA will visit the site for tagging and verification on the basis of the information provided by the bank manager.
    • If TAG /Ring got drop, broken or misplaced, the borrower should immediately inform to the company as well as the bank branch in order for VA to retag the animal.
    • The livestock policy will be valid for one year.

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