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    Student Travel Insurance

    Co-curricular activities are the best way of learning. Trip and tours provide students more opportunities for mind development but on the other hand safety and security is always at first priority. In case of emergency student travel insurance must be there. UIC serve with the best coverage for student travel insurance.

    Blanket School Coverage protects the school students against all kind of accidents. Personal Accident insurance provides benefits in the events of loss of life, limb, sight, hearing, speech, and loss of use/paralysis because of an accident. Cash amount is payable in cases of hospitalization due to an accident.

    The way, future of Pakistan is being transported, from home to school and back, most of the transporters are not professionals. As the traffic is increasing on the roads, changes of accidents are increasing day by day. Just spare Rs. 25/- PM from kids fee or ask the parents to contribute this minor amount and avail A PEACE OF MIND.

    This policy will cover risks

    • From home to school & back.
    • Only on the working day of school and the child who attended the school on the day of accident & are on the way.
    • In the play area of the school if it is within the premises of school.
    • During a trip if they are being escort by a Sr. Official of school.

    Only Rs. 25/- Per month for a child up to age of 16 years can provide you a cover for Rs. 100,000/- against all kind of accidents in or out side the school.

    Sr. No.ContigenciesCompensations
    1Death due to an accidentRs. 100,000
    2Loss of 2 Limbs or both Eyes or one Limb & One EyeRs. 100,000
    3Loss of Arm above the elbowRs. 50,000
    4Loss of Arm below the elbowRs. 45,000
    5Permanent total deafness in 2 earsRs. 50,000
    6Permanent total deafness in 1 earRs. 10,000
    7Loss of one Eye

    Rs. 50,000
    8Loss of thumb Rs. 17,500
    9Loss of index Finger Rs. 12,500
    10Loss of any other Finger Rs. 5,000
    11Loss of leg above knee Rs. 50,000
    12Loss of leg below the kneeRs. 35,000
    13Loss of great toeRs. 5,000
    14Loss of any other toeRs. 3,000
    15Permanent total disablement other than above contigencies, per anum compensation payable until the sum insured reachedRs. 5,000
    16Temporary total disablement (payable up to 24 weeks)Rs. 500 per week

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