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Education Insurance in Pakistan

The education insurance cover all study expenses. Education is the most powerful weapon which can be change the world. Basically good education mean good and protective future. Education insurance can surely give you benefits in prospective qualification. There are many education insurance companies in Pakistan gives their services. The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited rated AA+ by PACRA also designed its education secure plan. UIC provides total education expenses coverages in education secure plan.


Education Secure Plan

THE CHILD EDUCATION INSURANCE is gives total coverages for child education expenses. In Pakistan 37% children are illiterate it shows that these children can’t get any opportunity to show their skills. Up and down is a part of life everyone should always be prepared for any type of emergency. The precautions for the secure future of a child is child education insurance. UIC provides flexible education insurance plans.

Vision behind the plan

CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE. We are not into this business just to make money; rather we have taken upon ourselves the responsibility of contributing to the welfare of our children. Many a time, our most talented children are left behind, often sidelined in the event of a mishap. We insure a child is not left behind for want of resources or become victim of an eventuality. Our Education Secure Plan is precisely tailor-made to protect future of our children.

  • Comprehensive branded scheme offering value added features and complete solution for all education related worries.
  • A vital tool in hassle free delivery of education care services; we will be there when you need someone to help.
  • Offsetting of education expenses that have large bearing on education and its maintenance.
  • Well conceived and customized plan uniquely designed to address all education exigencies.
  • Among very few national companies to cover around the world with direct settlement of medical expenses worth Rs 2.3 million abroad (Travel – Health Plan).
  • Fulfills requirements envisioned in government policy of education for all.
  • Insurance arrangements with world’s top re insurers
  • Curtails financial burden of school and parents.
  • Because of branding we offer more than the market.
  • School management wins trust of the parents thereby enhancing image and credibility of institution.
  • Extensive nationwide branch network of over 105 branches; almost every reputable hospital is on our panel in every town.


A marketing edge for the institution offering valuable services and incentives for the students.

  • Emergency Accidental medical cover for students during school time.
  • Personal Accidental Death (PA) and Permanent Total Disability (PTD) cover for the Parents/Guardians.
  • All Educational expenses i.e Exam Fee, Tuition Fee, Computer Fee, Sports and Lab Charges, Books, Uniforms etc. Upto Grade 10.
  • Emergency accidental medical cover for students during school times.
  • No Additional Taxes and charges.
  • Hassle free claim settlement.
  • Emergency accidental medical cover.
  • Special discount in UIC product line for parents.
  • All claims are filed on a simple easy to fill Performa duly endorsed by the school management.
  • Original prescription bills, receipt etc. should be attached.
  • Direct settlement of claims with panel hospital is also available.
  • All claims should be filed within two (2) weeks.

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