Education Secure Plan

Vision behind the plan
Children are our future. We are not into this business just to make money; rather we have taken upon ourselves the responsibility of contributing to the welfare of our children. Many a time, our most talented children are left behind, often sidelined in the event of a mishap. We insure a child is not left behind for want of resources or become victim of an eventuality. Our Education Secure Plan is precisely tailor-made to protect future of our children.


  • Comprehensive branded scheme offering value added features and complete solution for all education related worries.
  • A vital tool in hassle free delivery of education care services; we will be there when you need someone to help.
  • Offsetting of education expenses that have large bearing on education and its maintenance.
  • Well conceived and customized plan uniquely designed to address all education exigencies.
  • Among very few national companies to cover around the world with direct settlement of medical expenses worth Rs 2.3 million abroad (Travel – Health Plan).
  • Fulfills requirements envisioned in government policy of education for all
  • Insurance arrangements with world’s top re insurers


  • Curtails financial burden of school and parents.
  • Because of branding we offer more than the market
  • School management wins trust of the parents thereby enhancing image and credibility of institution.
  • Extensive nationwide branch network of over 105 branches; almost every reputable hospital is on our panel in every town.

A marketing edge for the institution offering valuable services and incentives for the students.

Who is “Covered”

  • Emergency Accidental medical cover for students during school time.
  • Personal Accidental Death (PA) and Permanent Total Disability (PTD) cover for the Parents/Guardians.
  • All Educational expenses i.e Exam Fee, Tuition Fee, Computer Fee, Sports and Lab Charges, Books, Uniforms etc. Upto Grade 10.
  • Emergency accidental medical cover for students during school times.

Value added features

  • No Additional Taxes and charges.
  • Hassle free claim settlement.
  • Emergency accidental medical cover.
  • Special discount in UIC product line for parents.

Claim Settlement Procedure

  • All claims are filed on a simple easy to fill Performa duly endorsed by the school management.
  • Original prescription bills, receipt etc. should be attached
  • Direct settlement of claims with panel hospital is also available.
  • All claims should be filed within two (2) weeks
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