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    Shop Secure Plan Plus

    You are the breadwinner for your family. But your shop is the breadwinner for you! It offers you the opportunity to earn on your own terms, to be your own boss. The rising trend in consumer expenditure promises handsome returns on your investment. However these are also anxious times with uncertain law and order and ever increasing natural calamities.

    Regardless of all the precautions you may take, your shop still remain vulnerable to armed robbery, riots, strikes, fire, natural disasters and freak weather conditions among other risks. Loss of income coupled with high costs of construction renders in next to impossible to repair, restore or replace your commercial property.

    UIC endeavors to cushion the financial impact of loss related to your shop and stock by offering a customized insurance program for your “bread and butter” assets.


    Shop Secure Plan Plus protection covers loss or damage caused by:

    • Armed robbery, burglary
    • Riot & Strike damage
    • Earthquake
    • Rain, Flood, Cyclone & Severe Storms
    • Acts of Malicious Persons
    • Fire and Lightning
    • Explosion
    • Falling Aircraft and other Aerial Devices
    • Impact of Motor Vehicle
    • Loss of Rent
      The Loss of Rent feature covers the loss of rental income or additional expense of renting alternate shop in case an insured peril renders your shop unusable. It is only applicable if Building is covered under Shop Secure Plan Plus up to maximum of 10% of Sum Insured for Building.


    This unique insurance plan includes FREE cover for Cash amounting to 5% of Sum insured for Contents upto maximum of Rs. 10,000. Cash within the limit is protected while kept in a safe on shop premises.

    Along with Cash coverage, UIC also offers built-in Shop Secure Plan Plus Accident Protection for the Proposer or ONE person related to shop operations nominated by the Proposer. In case of death or permanent disability, arising out of an accident on shop premises, UIC will pay the insured or beneficiary Rs. 100,000/- (In case of death, other benefits below)

    Loss of both eyes OR both hands or both legs
    Loss of one hand
    Loss of one eye or one leg50,000

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