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Travel-Health Insurance

Travel insurance provides medical and financial assistance during traveling. Before starting a trip make sure that traveler must be properly and securely covered for any emergency aid. There are many travel insurance companies in Pakistan for providing these services. The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited provides its client with the best. The UIC is rated AA+ by PACRA.

Buy Travel Insurance Online:

Clients comfort is our first priority. The UIC initiated the hassle free provision of buy travel insurance online that can be acquired at anytime from anywhere.

Let “AA+“ rated national insurer provide you:
  • Maximum coverage in lesser price.
  • Services without any hidden charges & taxes etc.
  • Support of European companies for Re-insurance & Assistance Services.
  • Transparent premium refund policy.
  • Service at your doorstep with nation wide network of 100+ branches.
  • Transparent refund policy.
  • Age Limit – 85 years. (Travelers up to 65 years of age are eligible without additional premium).
  • Direct settlement of medical claims abroad.
  • Loss of baggage & passport, Flight delay & personal liability cover.
  • Free 24 hour medico-legal & language assistance.

For person aged between 66 and 75 years, increase 50%
For person aged between 76 and 80 years, increase 75%
For person aged between 81 and 85 years, increase 100%

Family Size: Husband + Wife + 3 Children (Less than 18 years)

* 15% premium will be charged extra in case of COVID-19 coverage only.

  • Pre-Existing medical conditions.
  • War, Invasion/terrorism.
  • Fire Penalties/ punitive damages.
  • For more detail on exclusions refer to policy wording.
  • Post-Treatment Screening/Test taken in abroad is only covered when /if resulted Positive.
  • Self-quarantine/ quarantine in Private Hotels or Hospitals or at home is not covered under the said policy terms & condition.
  • U.S $100 deductible on loss arising from COVID-19.
  • Follow-up treatment is only covered when/if a followed up test is Positive and prescribed by a medical practitioner of recognized hospital.
  • In Case the Insured Person tested positive with COVID-19 during a trip covered, the Insurance Cover only medical Expenses & Hospitalization Abroad.
  • All claims related to COVID-19 will only be considered after the submission of Negative test report undertaken within 96 hours before travel.
  • All claims related to COVID-19 will be settled on Re-imbursement basis in PKR only.
  • Maximum Insured’s age 70 years to obtain COVID-19 Coverage.



Travel-Health Student Plan



Emergency Number

We believe and strive for hassle free quality services to our customers. We have made arrangements with M/s. Swan International Assistance (SIA), for capacity assistance and direct settlement of medical claims abroad.

Should you require any assistance in Pakistan, you can reach us directly or on our office through phone, email or fax.

In case of Medical Emergency please contact on the following:

Contact details

Swan International Assistance (SIA)
International : +961 9 211 662
USA/Canada : +1 514 448 4417
France/Europe : +33 9 70 73 22 47

Head Office:
UIG House, 1-Upper Mall, Lahore,Pakistan.
U.A.N.: 0092 (42) 111-000-014
Fax: 0092 (42) 35776486 & 35776487

Country Manager Office:
402, 4th Floor,Gulistan Khan House,Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad.
Tel. (051) 2802446-8
Tel. (Dir) (051) 2273069

Central Office:
412, 4th Floor,Clifton Centre,Clifton, Karachi.
Tel: (021) 35810441-2
Fax: (021) 35810443

Have a Question?

Call us:  (042) 111-000-014

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Travel insurance?

People travel around the world for pleasure, study purposes and for exploring the world. Everyone wants his/her trip perfect and memorable. Uncertainty is everywhere, during travel you may suffer medical emergency and unexpected events like loss of passport, medical expenses and hospitalization abroad that disturb your trip financially. However if you have our travel insurance policy then you need not to worry, you will be compensated according to the policy terms and conditions.

Is travel insurance compulsory?

Travel insurance is compulsory for all Schengen countries and countries like Turkey and Ukraine. Travel insurance is a basic requirement for the application of Schengen visa. Travel insurance is also beneficial for individual or family who travel abroad.

If I face any medical emergencies abroad who can I contact?

You can contact on the numbers mentioned on your travel policy.

Is my travel insurance policy is refundable?

If your Visa application is rejected from embassy then you can refund your travel policy by providing us rejection letter issued from concern Embassy.

I purchased travel insurance but embassy issued me Visa of future dates so can I change my travelling dates?

Yes you can change the date of the travel insurance policy before the start of policy period.

Can I use my travel insurance policy for the treatment of any existing disease abroad?

Travel insurance only covers unexpected loss or unexpected event. Preexisting diseases are not covered in travel insurance policy.