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Motor Insurance

Car, auto insurance basically provides financial benefits against physical damage of vehicle and also covers bodily injuries. In the highly populated countries like Pakistan traffic accidents are part of daily routine. So that’s why car insurance become necessary for everyone. In this hustle and bustle situation to deal with such conditions every driver who is on road need motor insurance for the coverage of his vehicle damage and personal accidents.

Motor, Vehicle Insurance

The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited facilitate its clients with best motor- auto sure plan. United Insurance provides affordable packages with great benefits and services which are as follows:

Risk Covered

  • Accidental External means
  • Riots, Strikes & Malicious Damages
  • Theft
  • Fire, External explosion, self-ignition or lightning or frost
  • Third Party Liability

Value Added Features

  • Free towing to the nearest workshop
  • Get your car repaired from the workshop of your own choice
  • UIC claims experts will help in getting the final police Investigation Report
  • Free PA/PTD covers of Rs.30,000/- to the deceased paid driver. (In case of insured car accident only)
  • Free death repatriation of the driver within Pakistan
  • Funeral expenses & arrangements for the said person will be borne by UIC
  • No hidden taxes & charges
  • We commit to settle all theft and total loss Claims within 30 days after reporting/submission of requisite documents

Have a Question?

Call us:  (042) 111-000-014

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is comprehensive cover?

Comprehensive cover include accidental external means, fire, external explosion, riot, strike earthquake, flood, theft and third party liability.

Will I get compensation if my car is set on fire during a public strike or a riot?

Yes. Riot and strike damage is covered under the policy.

What is depreciation?

Financial decrease in the value of car with the passage of time.

Will I be indemnified in case of an accident if someone else is driving my car?

Only the drivers identified in the proposal form will be acknowledged as drivers eligible for indemnity.

What are the geographical boundary to my cover?

Covered within geographical area of Pakistan.

How would I be indemnified in case of loss?

Indemnity could be in the form of cash, repair or replacement of any part depending upon the type of loss.

What do I do in case my car gets snatched or it meets an accident?

Immediate Call to 15 and intimate the insurance company about accident.

How do I make a claim?

Intimate us on our website. Call us on 04235776475-81

Can insurance policy transfer to any person if I sell my car?

Insurance policy cannot be transferable.