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    What’s Covered

    The safety of customers is our first priority. United Insurance provides large range of Fire Insurance coverages to facilitate our clients. The coverages are given below:

    Riot and Strike Damage

    This policy provides coverage against loss or damage caused due to riot & strike or civil commotion or malicious damage due to any persons who are members of an organization whose aim is to over-throw any legal or defacto Government by terrorism or violence.

    Allied Perils

    This is the most important and basic form of insurance and is essential for all types of business concerns. Fire and Allied Perils Insurance provides comprehensive cover in respect of loss of or damage to your property against fire and lightning. To further safeguard the interest of our valued clients the policy can be extended to cover riot and strike damage, malicious damage, atmospheric disturbance, earthquake (fire and shock), explosion, impact damage, aircraft damage etc.

    Home Insurance Plan

    To live in one’s own home is cherished by every one of us. In these tough times, it is very hard to retain a house, which is exposed to several risks such as riot and strike damage, malicious damage, atmospheric disturbance, earthquake (fire and shock), explosion, impact damage and aircraft damage. The United Insurance provides a policy to cover the interest of homeowners. The plan provides coverage on building as well as contents against the risks the property may be exposed to. The coverage for buildings includes the risks of fire and all dry/wet perils. Contents (including jewellery and cash) are similarly covered including the risks of burglary and dacoity.

    Besides material damage, UIC’s Home Insurance also provides for loss or rent, legal liability to public and domestic servants.

    Hotel Owner All Risk

    As the name of policy signifies, it is specially designed to cater to all the insurance needs of a hotel owner. This policy has been adapted from the wording prevalent in international markets, as such coverage provided by it meets the requirements of management agreements, which owners usually enter with international chains of hotels. This policy is divided into 8 sections covering fire and supplemental Perils Insurance. Business interruption following Fire and Supplemental Perils, Comprehensive Plate Glass Insurance, Boiler and Machinery Breakdown Insurance, Business Interruption following Machinery Breakdown, Comprehensive General Liability, Comprehensive 3D Bond Insurance and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance.

    Terrorism Cover

    We live in an altogether different world after September 11, 2001. Post 9/11 scenario resulted in removal of terrorism cover globally, leaving the insured and the insurer at a difficult juncture. We, at The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Ltd. created niche for our valued clients by designing a policy exclusively for the risk of Terrorism. This policy is issued in conjunction with Fire and Allied Perils Policy protecting the interest of insured up to a specified limit.

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