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    Crop Insurance

    Crop insurance deals with the financial protection against natural disasters, fire & lightening and insect / pets attack on standing crop. According to the survey, Pakistani economy is based on agricultural production so that’s why for the safety of farmer’s investment agriculture insurance become essential. Here for your help the UNITED INSURANCE provides you the best services for Crop Insurance.

    Farmer Insurance

    The care of human life is our first priority. Life is more worth than anything. From this point of view farmer insurance become equivalent important. The UIC offers you affordable farmer insurance packages with great benefits.

    The crop insurance details are given below:

    – Project his source of credit and debit carrying capacity.
    – Low premium rates.

    Lender (Bank)
    Protected against default when crops fail.

    Selling and administration cost is greatly reduced due to larger business volume / turnover.

    Mandatory for all borrower farmers.

    Crops Covered

    All field Crops.

    Types of Cover
    The consortium provides two types of cover:

    – Catastrophe Area Loss Cover (CALC)
    – Catastrophe Individual Loss Cover (CILC)

    Note: CILC will be determined in conjunction with CALC.

    Perils Covered
    Excessive rain, floods, drought, hailstorm, cyclones, insect/pest attack,Frost, wind storm and fire & lightening.

    Period Covered
    From sowing/transplanting till harvest i.e. standing crop.

    Sum Insured
    Amount of inputs or the outstanding amount of loan including mark-up.
    (Upto the amount shown on the Crop Policy).


    The Indemnity shall become payable provided:

    • The insured crops situated in an area declared as “Calamity affected” by the government and the damage to the crop was due to any of the insured perils.
    • The declaration is notified in the Gazette.
    • The Insured farmer is exempted from the ushr / land revenue, etc as a result of such
    • The name of the farmer and the insured crop has been enterd in the USHR / LAND REVENUE Khasra Gardawari.


    • Identified crop losses upto 25% will not be claimed.
    • Losses from 25% – 50% will be compensated as 50% of the outstanding loan.
    • Losses >50% or yield loss up to 75% will be compensated as 100% of the outstanding loan.

    Reference Yield

    Reference Yield means the average yield (kg/Acer or kg/hectare) of the insured crop of same variety for the last three years (excluding any abnormal year) for the smallest of union council, tehsil or district for which the official yield records are available with Agri / Revenue Department.

    Procedure of Payment of Premium 

    • Compulsory for all borrowers.
    • The Bank will provide all possible details on specified proposal form along with Demand Draft to the Insurance Company.
    • The Bank Manager is required to issue undertaking incase of delay in payment of
      premium for New/Renewal cases.
    • The Bank Manager may take signature of the borrower on respective Iqrar Nama on
      disbursement of loan.

    Particulars required for Crop Policy

    • Number(s) and date(s) of the Pay Order, Demand Draft(s).
    • Branch Name & Code.
    • Name(s) of the Borrower(s).
    • Father’s Name of the Borrower(s).
    • Complete Address.
    • Photocopies of the CNIC(s) or CNIC Number.
    • Loan Account Number & Financed Amount.
    • Date when loan Granted.
    • Previous Policy Number.
    • Original Date when Loan Granted.
    • Change in address of the Borrower / Bank, if any.

    Issuance of Policy / Proposal Form

    The Insurance Company will issue policy subject to:

    • Receipt of complete information.
    • Payment of premium.
    • The Crops Policy will be valid from sowing/transplanting till harvest.

    Claim Settlement

    • Intimation letter within 72 hours.
    • Attested copy the Gazette notification by the Government.
    • The Ushr/Land revenue Jamabandi / Girdawari at the village/teh/chak level showing the Farmer’s name & Crop.
    • Copy of field map (Shajra Kishtwari / Aks Shajra).
    • Copy of Insurance Policy and CNIC.
    • Attested computerized Loan statement.
    • Attested copy of the application &/or agreement between the borrower & the Bank.
    • Outstanding Bank Balance certificate at the time of calamity.
    • Any other documents to establish the incident attracting the loss.
    • Surveyor’s assessment report.

    All payments of claims will be made to THE BANK on the basis of final assessment and as per the terms and conditions of the Policy.

    Insurance Company will pay to the Bank outstanding loan including upto date accrued mark-up (up to the amount shown on the Insurance Certificate)

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