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Share holders have approved the company to work as Window Takaful Operator

11th Extra ordinary General Meeting of The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited was successfully conducted at Royal Palm Golf Club Lahore on June 12, 2014 at 11.30am. Meeting was chaired by Mr. Khawas Khan Niazi. Directors of the company Mr. Muhammed Rahat Sadiq, Director Huma Waheed, Mr. Tajammal Iqbal and Mr. Maqbool Ahmed attended the meeting. Large number of shareholders was present at the meeting to discuss the agenda. Director Huma Waheed presented the purposes of Islamic insurance to shareholders and explained them Islamic point of view of Takaful Insurance. Chief Executive Officer Mr. Rahat Sadiq explained the benefits of Takaful insurance to the shareholders and stated light on the financial benefits of Takaful insurance for the company. Shareholders took special interest in this project and discussed lots of issues with the presenters. Shareholders have mutually consented and approved the proposal of the company to work as Window Takaful Operator. Shareholders advised the company to strictly follow the provisions of Islamic rules made in this respect.